LGBTQ Designer: Alchemilla by Jen Lorang

Rich, copper tubing. Jagged chunks of pyrite. Rose druzy spheres set in antique brass. Every single piece from LGBTQ designer Jen Lorang’s handmade jewelry line, Alchemilla, feels warm and alive.

And we’re pretty sure we know why.

Besides being born from her own process of self expression, Jen uses vintage, deadstock and repurposed materials wherever possible. And because of current mining practices and child exploitation, she limits the use of stones, crystals and fine metals.

“Even though I think stones are inspiring and healing to work with, they are also being mined with tragic consequences to both the earth and the communities mining for them.”

Well-loved and reclaimed materials paired with Jen’s own explorative energy creates this ancient, spacey vibe that we can’t get enough of.

Another reason to love Alchemilla - Jen is dedicated to dismantling capitalism and patriarchy. She was one of the founding members of Oakland’s Magic Makers, an annual craft fair that celebrates queer arts and healing, and intentionally centers the work of QTPOC, working class, and socially/politically conscious artists and healers.

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